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Nobody cleans like we do


When Katty and Lydia started their company, part of their vision was to make cleaning both high quality and affordable. Our competitive rates make it easy for everyone to get the help they need for their home, office, job site or event. Discounts offered for companies with multiple locations, such as office buildings or construction sites. For your home, you’ll find affordable options for bi-weekly, weekly, monthly or quarterly cleanings. No job is too big or too small.


Will you box and unbox my belongings for my move?

Many of our clients prefer to leave the hassle of moving to us. We will box and label all rooms of your home and even unpack them when they arrive at their new destination. If you prefer to pack your own goods, we also offer unpacking only options.

Where do you find your employees? What type of training do employees need?

Our employees come to us from all walks of life, from college students to ex-military to burned out teachers. Whatever path they’ve traveled to Sparkling Cleaning Company, all our employees undergo a rigorous 2 week training to ensure they can clean and move your items without damage.

Will you clean bodily fluids?

While it’s not our favorite job, we are certified cleaners of distasteful bodily fluids like vomit, urine, blood and bile.

Are you fully insured?

All our offices are fully insured under the SafeMove policies provided by AllHomes. For more detailed information on our insurance policies and procedures, see our insurance page.


Can you move my large instruments, like a piano or harp?

All our movers are certified in SafeSound technologies and strategies, ensuring that all your large instruments will arrive tuned and fully operational in your new space.

Do you use environmentally safe cleaners?

All our products are safe and friendly to the environment but are also strong and effective. Your home will be not only clean and shiny, but also safe for your children and pets.